Frequently Asked Questions

In prevailing wage situations, what Wage Group should I pay for Operating Engineers?

Operating Engineers Group 3a is the correct prevailing wage for Operating Engineers who drive lulls and assist in masonry.

How do I become a Bricklayers' Apprentice?

Applications for apprenticeship are accepted every Tuesday during the hours of 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. at the Bricklayers' Local Union # 1 of Missouri Apprenticeship and Training Center, located at 4350 Green Ash Drive, Earth City, MO 63045, (314) 770-1066. Applicants must bring documentation proving they meet the basic requirements:
1. Birth Certificate to certify Minimum Age of 17 years 2. High School Graduate or GED 3. Two letters of character reference 4. Drivers License or bill in your name to verify residence within the Union's jurisdiction of the City of St. Louis, Counties of St. Louis, St. Charles, Clark, Crawford, Franklin, Jefferson, Lewis, Lincoln, Marion, Pike, Rails, and Warren, within the State of Missouri.

The apprenticeship program is 3 1/2 years consisting of on-the-job training plus 8 hours every other week of classroom-related training.

Under conditional acceptance for indenture by a signatory contractor, all applicants must submit to a drug test, sign a scholarship loan agreement and present a doctor's certificate of physical ability.

Starting wage is 50% of journeyman's scale, with a wage increase at 6-month intervals.

Who do I call regarding the Laborers Apprenticeship Program?

You can call the AGC-Eastern Missouri Laborers training facility at (636) 585-2391 to learn more about becoming an apprentice. The school is located at 35 Opportunity Road, High Hill, MO 63350.

How do I report the hours when my laborers work in Jefferson County?

In the Laborers EStamp system, enter the hours worked by your laborers and, using the pull down menu, change the County field to "Jefferson County".

For your information, if you work in someplace other than Jefferson County or St. Louis City/County, you can use the pull down menu to change the County field to "Other".

If you hire a Local 718 Laborer for that Jefferson County job, you may have to add him to your EStamp report as a new employee to report his hours.

Who do I contact for small, residential repair projects?

For small residential projects, please contact:

Rick Abeln, Jr. at ABC Masonry (314) 843-4764
Gary Beirith at Beirith Masonry, LLC (314) 739-1401
Greg Gillick at Gillick Brickwork, Inc. (314) 544-2222

If there is no 2nd-story work in the project, Ray Brinker of Brinker Contracting Company, Inc. would also be interested. Ray's number is (314) 631-8507.

All of these gentlemen would be happy to give you a free estimate. If you receive their voice mail when you call, please leave a message as they are all great about returning calls.

Who would I call for building a new home or remodeling?

For building a new home or remodeling an existing one, please call:

Rick Abeln, Jr. of ABC Masonry (314) 843-4764

Gary Beirith of Beirith Masonry, LLC (314) 739-1401

Austin Clark of Ken Clark Masonry & Son, Inc. (314) 772-1952

Rick Frisch of Frisch Masonry, Inc. (314) 965-1424

Greg Gillick of Gillick Brickwork, Inc. (314) 544-2222

Dan Dwyer of E.C. Landers Brickwork, Inc. (314) 432-8832

Sarah Belken of M & M Masonry (314) 393-9785

John Spencer of Spencer Brickwork, Inc. (636) 391-0517

Who should I call for commercial, retail, institutional or industrial projects?

For non-residential jobs, such as commercial projects, retail, institutional or industrial projects, please call:

Gary Beirith, Beirith Masonry, LLC (314) 739-1401

Greg Gillick, Gillick Brickwork, Inc. (314) 544-2222

Brian Grant, Grant Contracting Company (636) 343-0170

Marty Heck, Martin Heck Brick Contracting Co. (636) 343-4636

Mike Heitkamp, Heitkamp Masonry, Inc. (636) 230-5973

John Jahnsen, Jahnsen Masonry (636) 274-3352

Jeff Schmidt, JDS Masonry, Inc. (636) 949-0179

Karen Lampkin, Lampkin Masonry, Inc. (573) 236-4655

Ken Westhoff, Leonard Masonry, Inc. (314) 731-5500

Mark Vasquez, MAV Masonry (618) 768-4519

Vince Patrico, Patrico Masonry Company, Inc. (636) 949-8810

John Smith, John J. Smith Masonry Company (314) 894-9500

Rick Swanson, Swanson Masonry, Inc. (636) 946-1970

Dan Toenjes, Toenjes Brick Contracting (618) 476-9292

Betty Arnold, Arnold Masonry, LLC (573) 883-5815

Matt Eddings, Eddings Masonry, Inc. (573) 358-2677

Ken Foeste, Kenneth E. Foeste Masonry, Inc. (573) 334-0172

Dale Propst, Propst Masonry (573) 883-3694

Who should I call for tuckpointing, caulking or cleaning?

Our tuckpointers, caulkers and cleaners are:

Dottie Koch, Allied Waterproofing Company (314) 776-6686

Bo Skaggs, B & K Tuckpointing Company (314) 721-0033

Austin Clark, Ken Clark Masonry & Son, Inc. (314) 772-1952

Olen Achord, Dal-Mar Tuckpointing (314) 308-5586

Donna Kasate, Denton's Tuckpointing Company (314) 842-5855

Phil Hesse, Gateway Waterproofing & Restoration, (314) 352-9500

Tom McDonnell, George McDonnell & Sons Tuckpointing Company (314) 739-0468

Tom Schmitt, Superior Waterproofing & Restoration Company (314) 531-6100