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Williams & Sons Masonry, Inc.
2008-2009 Remodeling of St. Louis Masonry Center

Demolition of Wall Around Dumpster: Mark Rickert of ICS ICS Job Trailer Parking lot prior to demolition South side of building after wall around dumpster is demolished Exit door added to Board Room South side of building View of building from Big Bend Boulevard Board Room exit with stairs Separation of back stairwell from building Looking down into basement stairwell Stairwell separated from building Demolition of back stairwell begins October 6, 2008 POD to store contents from basement Back stairwell removed Orange fence around back stairwell area Parking on the lot during demolition stage Chain link fence is put up Demolition of back stairwell with dumpster Stairwell demolition Aalco begins digging up grassy area of parking lot